Natalie Martin


“The Flower Thief Returns”

Natalie’s latest collection of limited edition prints featuring native Australian flowers.

Daisy's Natives
from 180.00
Glyn's Gumnuts
from 120.00

Eco Friendly Greeting Cards

Printed in Melbourne on 100% post consumer waste using vegetable inks.


Natalie Martin is a graphic designer and illustrator based on the Surf Coast, Victoria, Australia. She offers a collection of limited edition prints and open edition prints as well as environmentally friendly stationery printed on post consumer waste, including greeting cards, gift tags and gift wrap. She has a select range of retailers around Australia. She welcomes commissions and private art and design projects. 

Natalie enjoys wearing a few different creative hats and has skills in graphic design, illustration, branding, art direction, logo design, hand lettering, image retouching, styling, copywriting and brand strategy. She works with clients big and small, including Oishi-mHunting for George, Rip Curl, Patagonia, Filtrate Eyewear and Human-Elephant Learning Program.