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    Compose, Paint, Create Part 1

    Let's Put Composition into Practice Painting Watercolour Botanicals with Natalie Martin

    • Intermediate - Advanced Level
    • Suitable for ages 14+
    • Self-paced learning
    • Unlimited Lifetime Access
    • Professionally filmed in HD
    • Comprehensive E-Book Included

    Hands up if you’ve got a pile of incomplete, unresolved or not-quite-right paintings taking up precious space. We’ve all been there (I know I sure have), but what is it that’s missing? Composition is the underlying glue that brings it all together. The good news is that anyone can learn it, it is not a secret inherent talent it is a learned skill. Join me, professional watercolour artist Natalie Martin on a fun and playful deep dive into this extraordinary and undervalued topic. Welcome to Compose, Paint, Create!

    In this course we explore ways of creating compelling compositions using the Principles of Art as our tools. This is a hands-on course where we will be applying these principles to artworks we create, learning as we go. The outcome will be a greater understanding of composition, the role it plays in our artworks and a clearer path to creating successful artworks.

    Composition is a huge subject so I’ve broken Compose Paint Create into two separate courses. In Part 1 we explore the first 5 of the 10 Principles of Art. These are largely focused on the placement and arrangement of your elements. In Part 2 we explore the final five Principles of Art, and look more closely at creating mood, emotion and atmosphere as well as when and how to break the rules.

    I use watercolour botanicals as the guiding theme throughout as that’s the thing I love painting most, but you are in no way limited to only painting florals or following exactly what I do. In fact I encourage you to explore further. These learnings apply to not just watercolour (or florals!) but every medium and subject - so if florals aren’t your thing feel welcome to switch it up, leaves, teacups, boats, whatever tickles your fancy. If you love gouache or acrylic, you could also try some of the exercises in alternative mediums. It’s entirely up to you!

    In previous online courses and workshops I’ve only really had the chance to show you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to composition. In this course we explore the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s big and wonderful and you will be so surprised by what you get out of it, it's going to open your creative world right up. Are you ready? Come on, grab your paint brushes, let’s get started.

    What to expect:

    11 videos shot in High Definition with an overall run time of 3 hours and 10 minutes. The beauty of a self paced online course is that you can work at your own space and pause and practice before proceeding onto the next stages. You are also able to revisit the course time and time again.


    • A comprehensive understanding of composition

    • How to apply the Principles of Art

    • How to use the Rule of Thirds and other compositional structures

    • Tools to help you resolve unfinished artworks

    • A greater understanding of watercolour materials

    • Confidence to create resolved paintings on your own

    • A series of botanical inspired paintings

    Downloadable files included:

    • Materials List

    • Course E-Book 

    • 5 Principles of Art Quick Guides

    • Photos for painting inspiration

    • Printable assets for course work

    • Reference sheets of Natalie's course work

    Compose, Paint, Create
    Part 1 Course E-Book

    Included in your enrolment is a 100 page E-Book (available on Teachable only). Chock full of hot tips, key takeaways and extension projects to further your watercolour fun. This is your very handy companion guide for the course, something to reference when you are practicing and playing at home.

    What you'll need:

    I go into greater detail on materials required in the second video of the course. I have tried to keep the supplies required to a minimum so it's more about the painting than the supplies!

    • Watercolour paints
    • Synthetic Round brushes - size 10 and 4
    • Watercolour paper
    • Pencil, eraser, scissors and metal ruler
    • Water jar
    • Palette (an old plate will do)
    • Paper towel
    • Painter's masking tape
    • Surface to work on
    • Computer, tablet or phone

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rachael B
    This class Exceeded my expectations!

    This course is the most comprehensive course I have seen on floral composition. It made so much sense and gave me great information and knowledge to apply to my paintings. I highly recommend watching it and putting it into practise.

    Eileen Burnus
    Compose , paint ,create !

    I started the course intending to paint along with you but got a bit lost with your fast pace. So I just watched the whole course first and by the time I got to emphasis and unity it all just clicked . I then started from the beginning and am working my way through it , understanding each element and enjoying working the examples. I feel much more confident with composition and especially working out how to compose a painting without copying someone else. Thank you.

    That is so fantastic to hear Eileen! I do work quickly hehe! But fortunately you can pause and paint along or as you did - watch the whole thing and then have a play with the projects afterwards. I would love to see your creations. Natalie

    Louise McDaid
    This class Exceeded my expectations!

    I found this course so helpful in working out how to put a painting together. Natalie has a way of explaining things so they make sense in a way I could action them. Her presentation and descriptions are clear and helpful, the quality of everything is superb, and she makes the class lots of fun as well. Highly recommended to all levels of artist, as the content can be applied to whatever level you are at. I'm not that experience, nor a beginner, and it suited me really well. Thanks Natalie!

    Let's Get Started!

    Compose, Paint, Create Part 1 is available on Teachable as a one off purchase cost. You receive lifetime access to the course videos and can work through the course at your own pace. Your Teachable purchase also includes the Course E-Book, your ride-or-die side kick to the course videos. 

    'Compose, Paint, Create Part 1' Online Course
    'Compose, Paint, Create Part 1' Online Course

    'Compose, Paint, Create Part 1' Online Course


    'Compose, Paint, Create Part 1' is an intermediate/advanced contemporary watercolour online course with Australian Artist Natalie Martin.

    11 high definition videos across 3 hours and 15 minutes. With lifetime access to this self paced course through Teachable you’ll be able to access these videos whenever you like, watch and rewatch.

    Your online course access will be sent to you via an email from Teachable immediately after purchase.

    Gift the Course
    'Compose, Paint, Create' Online Course Bundle
    'Compose, Paint, Create' Online Course Bundle

    'Compose, Paint, Create' Online Course Bundle


    This option is a bundle of both the 'Compose, Paint, Create' courses - Part 1 and Part 2. Both courses are intermediate/advanced contemporary watercolour online course with Australian Artist Natalie Martin.

    Professionally filmed in HD, your purchase includes lifetime access to these self-paced courses so you can pause,  watch and rewatch. Both E-Books are also included.

    By purchasing the two courses as a bundle you save $19.

    Your online course access will be sent to you via an email from Teachable immediately after purchase.

    Gift the Course

    Gifting the Course

    We would be delighted for you to gift this course. We recommend you purchase an E-Gift Card that your gift recipient can then redeem for the course. We have an $89 E-Gift Cards available as well as an ability to add a personalised message to your E-Gift card. Alternatively, you can proceed through the checkout and use the recipients email and contact details and this will also automatically and immediately enrol them in the course.

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    *The course is also available on Skillshare (a subscription based platform). There you will find the whole Compose, Paint, Create Part 1 course, as well as many other courses across other disciplines! You can subscribe to Skillshare and pay a monthly subscription to access the entire library of Skillshare online courses. You will only have access to the course while you have a Skillshare subscription, however your subscription does not include the Course E-Book.

    Devoured Part 1, Part 2 is ready and waiting for you!

    Round out your compositional know-how and become a true guru by enroling in Compose, Paint, Create Part 2. It's the follow up course to Compose, Paint, Create Part 1 and will cap off what is a big and wonderful deep dive into composition.

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