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    'Art Unleashed' Ocean Mind Fundraiser

    I have had the pleasure of creating a one of a kind surfboard in collaboration with Maurice Cole Surfboards for Ocean Mind's Art Unleashed fundraiser. I am on of three artist/shaper partnerships to partake in the event. Each of the three boards are up for auction to raise money for Ocean Mind.

    Take a look at the boards or place a bid here: 

    Auction ends 27th June 2020.

    Ocean Mind are such an incredible organisation, I couldn't have been happier to be a part of this. They support young people facing disadvantage and social isolation through surf therapy.

    I chose to paint sunflowers on the board. Well actually, I painted them on paper, scanned them in and had them printed on a decal so the artwork could get properly glassed into the board and I didn't lose any of the beauty of the watercolour. I leant towards sunflowers as I love the stories people attach to them. One of my favourites is that when the sun isn't shining, sunflowers turn to one another as their 'suns'. This is a gardeners myth, however I thought it was a really beautiful analogy for the work that Ocean Mind do. People turning to one another to uplift and brighten each other. I called the work 'We turn to each other'.