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    'Eye Spy' is here!



    I couldn't be more excited to share with you my latest collection of original artworks and limited edition prints, 'Eye Spy'

    During winter (and COVID-19 lockdown) when the wattle started to bloom here on the SurfCoast I found myself constantly stopping the car to take photos and always had my eyes peeled for new blooms and signs of spring. I was playing 'Eye Spy' all the time! I wanted to bring that excitement and energy to the page and share my love for this time of year.

    There are 10 new prints and 12 available original works all featuring Australian native flora that I've found by spotting on the side of the road. Discovering the bell-fruited mallee was a real highlight and the intensity with which the wattle bloomed this spring was incredible. The silver princess blooms always grab my attention for their size and vibrance. I found so much joy and simplicity in watching these flowers come to life, and just as I'm launching this new collection they are starting to fade, and just like that, the cycle begins again.

    For me, learning and observing the flowers is such big a part of the process. I love spotting something new that I don't recognise and trying to work out what it is. Capturing the colours is important to me too, not literally but how they come alive for a tiny window each year. I want to capture that vivacity.


    View the whole new collection here.

    View available original artworks here