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    Framing Solutions

    Framing Solutions

    I get so many questions and enquiries about framing! I know it can be quite a daunting task making the right choice to suit the print and your budget. Although I can’t offer framing to everyone (shipping glass is very problematic!) I do have some experience and advice to offer.

    1. Go to your local framer

    For the best result support a business in your community and get your local professional framer to frame up your new artwork or print. Framers are experts in doing each and every work justice and you can trust their judgement. If you are unsure, allow the framer to give you some guidance. The benefit to you being you can get exactly what you want in regards to frame profile, mount board and glass. You can also tailor solutions to suit your home and budget as well. 

    When framing original artwork I would highly recommend getting your local framer to do it. Paper is precious and if handled and stored poorly it can yellow over time. I also frame my work archivally to avoid this and ensure plenty of years to enjoy it.

    2. Use an Off-the-Shelf Frame

    Most of my prints come in standard sizes, I do this on purpose to make finding a frame easier! There are some really good quality off-the-shelf frames available these days. I do not recommend framing original artwork using an off-the-shelf frame. Here are links to some of my favourites.

    Mulbury - Eco-friendly recycled timber frames to fit all your standard sizes. They sell online as well as have a store in Highett, Victoria.

    Ready Made Frames - Located in Brunswick East in Victoria these guys stock a range of well made frames in all standard sizes. They offer a range of finishes as well, giving you a bit more flexibilty without having to go fully custom.

    Frames Now - With stores all around Melbourne as well as Online, Frames Now can cater for all of my prints with high quality framing that can be delivered to your door.

    Country Road - Only available to purchase in store, Country Road’s frames have a lovely slim profile and have flexibility around the mount board.

    Cheap frames, although enticing, can really limit the length of time you will have to enjoy your print. The wood and/or varnish can leak chemicals onto the print causing damage. Off the shelf frames are also not sealed properly so moisture or sneaky bugs can get in there and ruin it also.

    3. Custom Framing for Local Pick Up Only

    If you are a local to the Surf Coast or Greater Geelong area, I am happy to help arrange framing for you. This is strictly for local pick up only. I use a high quality local framer and everything is produced to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders, longer in the lead up to Christmas. Pick up can be arranged from Torquay or Newtown. Please contact me to arrange for a quote and time estimate.

    If you want to buy an artwork that has already been framed, they can be sent interstate. The cost of art couriering is at the buyers expense. This ranges from $150-400 depending on the location. If this is an option to you, please contact me and I can arrange a quote.



    But how do you frame your work?

    Original works I like to frame floating (with the watercolour paper edges exposed). I usually use Blackwood or Victorian Ash depending on the work, with non-reflective glass to ensure the work is protected. This glass is archival and has a UV filter protecting the work from harmful light.



    For large sized limited edition prints (A2+) I usually frame fit-to-edge (no mount board) with a natural timber. Sometimes I use Blackwood, sometimes Victorian Ash depending on the artwork. Vic Ash is also sometimes referred to as oak by framers, it is that light natural timber that is very popular. I use Artglass for the pane preferably as this protects the print from UV damage, with the added benefit of it being non-reflective.Smaller prints I think look better with an off-white or warm white mount board, around 60mm, then the same as above. The mount board on the smaller works give it more space and presence on the wall.

    Refer to the top photo for a visual reference, the three larger pieces at the back are framed fit-to-edge, and the two smaller with a warm white mount board. From left to right the sizes are A1, A2, A4, 70x70cm, A3.

    Do I choose regular glass or non-reflective glass or perspex?

    If non-reflective glass is within your budget I think it is worth every extra cent. It's more expensive than regular glass but it truly is non-reflective so you can enjoy the work from every angle. It also provides UV protection, giving longevity to your print and prevents the paper yellowing and the print colour fading. Direct sun is still not recommended.

    Regular glass is also fine, it will be more susceptible to reflections. Some framers/retailers will offer perspex as well. To the naked eye there's not much difference, it is highly reflective, prone to scratches but it is much lighter than glass and more easy to send in the post!


    Why do you not post framed work?

    The majority of my parcels are sent through Australia Post. Australia Post do not recognise fragile items and the risk is too great that they will get damaged or smashed on the way. Small frames, A4 or 30x30cm can be packed tight enough and be protected but anything larger than that needs to be sent via courier to ensure safe delivery which is often not cost effective! So it's a tricky one, my recommendation is to send the artwork or print unframed and get it framed by your local framer. 

    How have the prints in the top photo been framed?

    The three larger pieces at the back are framed fit-to-edge in a Vic Ash frame and regular glass, and the two smaller with a warm white mount board and Vic Ash frame and regular glass. From left to right the sizes are A1, A2, A4, 70x70cm, A3.


    Blackwood frame, fit-to-edge with non-reflective glass.


    Black stained Vic Ash, fit-to-edge with non-reflective glass.


    Original artwork framed floating, in a Vic Ash frame and non-reflective glass.