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    Project: Maliya Yoga Mats

    Project: Maliya Yoga Mats

    Back in 2016 I had the pleasure of working on some artworks intended for yoga mats. This particular project piqued my interest because the brief was so different and exciting. The client was after designs that were completely organic and not produced on the computer. She also wanted vibrant and playful artwork that would suit not only adult mats, but kids mats too.

    Inspired by the beautiful colours, rambling nature and imperfections of moroccan rugs I set to work on 4 different designs, painting them from scratch with watercolours and inks.

    Fast forward to 2020 and Maliya yoga mats are here! Beautiful, high quality mats made from natural rubber and vegan suede for kids and adults.

    My favourite? The one called 'Stripes'. Check them out here:

    'Stripes' artwork alongside the first sample of the yoga mat.

    'Single Mandala' original artwork beside the yoga mat.

    Comparing original artwork to samples.

    The vegan suede was amazing to touch.

    Talking about logo placement