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    New Online Course: The Magic of Colour Mixing


    I am incredibly happy to announce the launch of my second online course The Magic of Colour Mixing. This is a follow on from my first course Welcome to Watercolour and is for budding and established artists alike. I really wanted to share my love of colour, starting with the fundamentals of colour theory and moving towards the way I like to use colour myself so you too can create works bursting with life.

    The course is comprised of 9 videos with a run time of just over 2 hours. It is self-paced so you can approach online learning in your own way, watch and rewatch, pause, take notes.

    The outcomes are a comprehensive understanding of colour theory, the base of your own colour language, a greater understanding of watercolour and other materials and we wrap up on a final piece - so you get your very own colourful artwork at the end.

    Watch a sneak peek and learn more here.