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    Compose, Paint, Create Part 2

    Let's put composition into practice painting watercolour botanicals with Natalie Martin
    Coming Soon!

    Compose, Paint, Create Part 1

    Let's Put Composition into Practice Painting Watercolour Botanicals

    The wait is nearly over!
    The follow up course to Compose, Paint, Create Part 1 is almost here.

    Composition, it’s a word we’ve probably heard before (but maybe not since high school art class!) Although a fundamental part of the creative process we often have a tendency to skip over it and want to get straight into our painting, misunderstanding the importance of it. Join me, professional watercolour artist Natalie Martin on a fun and playful deep dive into this extraordinary and undervalued topic.

    This is the follow up course to Compose, Paint, Create Part 1. It is recommended but not essential you complete Part 1 before Part 2, as it naturally flows on from where we leave off. We round out our composition practice with the further 5 Principles of Art, as well as take a look at how to analyse your art. And seeing as though we now have a good understanding of the rules, we learn how and when to break them! This course is once again loaded with juicy projects to stretch your creative learning, putting all the good stuff straight into practice.

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