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    2024 Calendar Up-Cycling Ideas

    My 2024 'Ramble' calendar is the third year I've created a calendar - turns out it's really popular idea! I also really enjoy creating them, I get to make 12 new artworks plus blow the cobwebs off my graphic design skills (Jks, I use them all the time, it's a very handy skill to have when you are running a small business.)

    This year saw a change in format thanks to some great feedback. This change allows more room for all your appointments while still having nice big images! It features twelve artworks from my 'Ramble'series and is printed on 100% post consumer waste paper in Melbourne. It's already online, ready for you guys to take a look!

    I try my hardest to produce and ship my art in the most sustainable way possible, which got me thinking about my calendars. Each month has a different artwork, so why waste all these prints when the year is over? Why not try some super cute up-cycle ideas! At the bottom of each month, I have suggested a different up-cycle idea.

    Here's what I came up with. I would also love to hear if you have any other ways of up-cycling the artwork!

    • Cut out bookmarks and share with friends.
    • Cut me into halves and fold each one to make two cute greeting cards.
    • Make me into a chatterbox for some old school fun.
    • Cover your boring notebook with me, or the birth month of your choice.
    • Ever tried making an origami balloon?
    • Get crafty and use me in a scrapbook or collage.
    • Make some fun gift tags by cutting shapes out of me, try circles or hearts.
    • Use me as wrapping paper or make a small gift bag for someone special.
    • Refresh your inspo wall and put your favourite flower front and centre.
    • Make a small keepsake box for spare change or other loose items.
    • Send a letter to a friend, write it on the back of their birth month.
    • Cut out your birth month and frame it - it perfectly fits a 30 x 30
      cm or 12 x 12in frame (including the white border).

    I'll make up some of these and share the pictures as we go into 2024!