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    'Day Trippers' with Andrea Shaw at In The Skies Art & Music

    'Day Trippers' with Andrea Shaw at In The Skies Art & Music

    The spark for this exhibition came from a handful of conversations through the Autumn of ‘21 with us both longing for some change to our studio practices, more social connection and some much-needed adventure. 

    Our plan was to take day trips to begin exploring en plein air painting together and capture our wonderful coast and surroundings. 

    In the months to come, restrictions and weather hindered our grand plan. Instead, we met closer to home, painting weekly down by Spring Creek in Torquay. We both found our foray into working en plein air to be a really enjoyable challenge.

    We quickly realised how profoundly being surrounded by nature (for work) instantly shifted both of our conscious states, along with our visual perspectives and how this led us to create compositions, and marks that are new to both of us. We enjoyed rambling conversations of life and art and process along the way.

    The body of work for Day Trippers includes gouache, watercolour, wax crayon and pastel mediums explored on paper. Works were created along Spring Creek at many different spots, within the Ironbark Basin and in the Otways at the beautiful Sheoak picnic ground. 


    'Day Trippers'
    Andrea Shaw & Natalie Martin
    December 18 - January 12
    In The Skies Art & Music
    8 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC

    Opening Event
    Saturday December 18
    3 - 6pm
    8 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC
    All are welcome to this covid-safe event.

    Please contact In The Skies Art & Musicfor an exhibition catalogue.


    Here's a little video of us on one of our adventures down Spring Creek in Torquay.



    'Stand here with me' Natalie Martin 2021


    'Sheoak Picnic Ground #2' Natalie Martin, 2021


    'Spring Creek #1' Natalie Martin, 2021


    'Spring Creek Valley Yellow Gums #1' Natalie Martin, 2021


    'Addis' Andrea Shaw, 2021


    'Point Addis #1' Andrea Shaw, 2021


    'Point Addis #3' Andrea Shaw, 2021