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    Falls Creek Residency - Wildflowers

    Falls Creek Residency - Wildflowers

    I was so lucky to be able to see the end of the wildflower season during my time up in the Victoria Alps. I missed most of the action being here in March/April, the majority of the blooms start in late December and flourish through January and February. Nevertheless, I got treated to some of the stragglers!

    The gentians (photo immediately below) are said to be a sign of snow coming, when they begin to flower - there's six weeks until the first snow fall. I love little folkloric tales like this!

    Most of these I didn't find in the Falls Creek village, but out exploring the Bogong High Plains, which is within the National Park right next door to the ski resort. There's lots of fabulous walks to do, short, long, overnight - something for everyone.

    It looked to be a bumper wildflower season as there was evidence everywhere you looked! I hadn't been expecting to see much as it was so late, see a few of my favourite snaps below.

    Read more about my stint as the artist-in-residence at Falls Creek here.


    Gentianella muelleriana


    Brachycome spathulata or Spoonleaf Daisy


    Prostanthera cunneata or Alpine mint bush


    Alpine Everlastings underneath Snow Gums


    Alpine Everlastings


    These are Billy Buttons at the end of their season, but the way the caught the light first thing was magical!


    Having a play painting some Alpine Everlastings on one of the wet and cold days.