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    'Ramble' Sketchbook

    'Ramble' Sketchbook


    This new series is a culmination of many years of bush wanderings and wildflower spotting around my local area. I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. The biodiversity is incredible and Anglesea Heath is one of the wildflower hotbeds in Victoria.

    I thought it would be nice to share some of the inspiration, photographs and sketches that brought this series together. I really wanted to not only capture the individual species, but how they situate themselves in the environment.



    Some of our local flowers are so tiny - yet spectacular up close! I wanted to celebrate this. So many of them are hiding in plain sight, especially those sneaky orchids.



    I painted some familiar favourites, hello grass tree! I also painted some less commonly known flowers demonstrating the biodiversity of the area. I am a strong believer that appreciation is the first step in conservation. So if I can actively introduce a few new species to my community and share my love of them - only good can come from that.


    I've spent a good deal of time exploring and looking for local orchid species. I even keep a little notebook of finds. There are a couple of wonderful books by Margaret MacDonald that help immensely with identification. Angair is an amazing resource too.



    I largely worked on this series when my little guy was very small and sleep was difficult - so I had to rely quite heavily on photographs and memories to pull it together. I've found when I work from memory an extra special something gets embedded in the work, I can't find the words to describe it.

    There is something in flower year round on our coast. I particularly love it when the heath and wattle come out as you know spring is not too far away.


    I chose to include some birds in a couple of pieces too, birds and flowers are so inextricably linked. We have so many amazing little birds and their song is the soundtrack to this series.



    My new series 'Ramble' is being released at 8pm, 1st August 2023 AEST. I will also have it on display in my studio during the Surf Coast Arts Trail event.