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    Upcoming Workshops

    Due to other exciting projects on my plate, 2022 is unfortunately going to see fewer workshops. Please sign up to my newsletter (at the bottom of this page) for the release of new dates in the future - most likely late 2022, or early 2023. Or if you are itching to get started, join me in one of my online courses.

    Online Courses

    Welcome to watercolour online course. A beginners guide to contemporary botanical watercolour.
    Welcome to Watercolour: A Beginners Guide to Contemporary Watercolour

    Duration: 90mins
    Skill level: Beginner
    Suitable for ages 8+

    This is my first online course, and where else do you start but at the beginning? In this self-paced beginners guide to contemporary watercolour we start from square one and build your skills and confidence towards painting botanical specimen from observation. I have essentially broken down my own process into accessible, bite size pieces ready for you to devour.

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    The magic of colour mixing. Master modern colour theory using watercolour.
    The Magic of Colour Mixing: Master Modern Colour Theory using Watercolour

    Duration: 120mins
    Skill level: Beginner - Intermediate
    Suitable for ages 10+

    My second course, The Magic of Colour Mixing follows on from Welcome to Watercolour and is for budding and established artists alike. In it, we’ll go deep into modern colour theory and together, we’ll build up your skills and confidence so you too can create works bursting with life and begin to develop your own language with colour.

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    Lessons in Layering with watercolour. How to create artworks with depth, interest and detail.
    Lessons in Layering with Watercolour: How to create artworks with depth, interest and detail

    Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes
    Skill level: Intermediate
    Suitable for ages 10+

    This new intermediate course is my third online course, following on from Welcome to Watercolour and The Magic of Colour Mixing. In it, we’ll dig into basic and more advanced layering techniques, you’ll spend time experimenting with ways to layer pigment, and learn how to create different effects (as long as you can muster the patience to let things dry properly as you go!) You’ll gain greater insight into my practice, as we explore how to create artworks with greater complexity, detail and interest. We also take time to delve into common errors and equipment care. 

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