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    Colour Mixing Paint Kit

    A painting kit to get you mixing colour like a pro! This kit was put together to use alongside Natalie's latest online course 'The Magic of Colour Mixing'. Specifically, these are the colours she recommends you use if partaking in the course.

    What’s included:

    • 3 tubes of Art Spectrum Watercolour Paint (Pthalo Blue, Spectrum Yellow and Permanent Rose)
    • Canson Montval 300gsm Watercolour Paper, 12 Sheet A4 Pad
    • 2 floral templates printed on watercolour paper

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    You can also choose to make a bundle purchase and get this Colour Mixing Painting Kit and ‘The Magic of Colour Mixing’ online course, saving yourself $14, check out that bundle here.

    If you have previously purchased a painting kit with the watercolour discs, you can still use these - you don't need to buy this kit as well. Natalie provides a PDF in the course showing which of the disc colours are best to work with. She uses tube paints in the colour mixing course, so if you'd like to emulate her exact materials this is the kit!